In the ever-changing food processing landscape, keeping process equipment clean while prioritizing and enhancing worker safety is essential. Sani-Matic recognizes the crucial role that automated Clean-Out-of-Place (COP) solutions, such as automated parts washers and cabinet washers, play in achieving these objectives. Let’s explore the many safety benefits these innovative systems bring to food processing facilities.

Ergonomics is the foundation of workplace safety, particularly in repetitive tasks and heavy-lifting environments. Manual cleaning often involves repeated scrubbing, brushing, or spraying of equipment, which strains workers.

Automated COP solutions revolutionize the cleaning process, significantly reducing physical strain on workers. Repeated motions are replaced by loading the parts onto a rack or into the equipment. The operator “presses start,” and the washer cleans.

Traditional cleaning methods often necessitate manual hot water handling, causing a significant risk of burns and scalds. Automated COP solutions mitigate this risk by containing the cleaning process inside the washer and minimizing direct contact with hot water. In addition, advanced temperature controls ensure that water temperatures remain within safe limits, safeguarding workers from accidental burns and enhancing overall workplace safety.

Generally, handling hazardous chemicals is an inherent risk in food processing facilities, especially during cleaning operations. Automated COP solutions mitigate this risk by precisely dosing cleaning agents and minimizing human interaction with potentially harmful substances. Closed-loop dosing systems prevent spills and leaks, reducing the risk of cleaning chemical exposure and creating a safer working environment for employees.

By automating the cleaning process, our COP solutions optimize workflow efficiency while enhancing safety. Manual cleaning leads to a sanitation room with many parts and large equipment scattered throughout the environment, posing trip, slip, cut, and other hazards. Workers no longer need to navigate hazardous environments or perform manual cleaning tasks, reducing the likelihood of accidents and injuries. Streamlined operations translate into fewer opportunities for human error, further bolstering safety protocols within the facility.

Modern automated COP solutions have various safety features to protect workers and minimize operational risks. From automated shut-off mechanisms to emergency stop buttons and integrated alarms, these systems prioritize safety at every stage of operation. Regular preventive maintenance (PM) and rigorous safety inspections ensure that our COP solutions continue to meet stringent safety standards over time.

Sani-Matic is committed to excellence in food processing, and safety remains our top fundamental. Our automated Clean-Out-of-Place (COP) solutions are invaluable allies in this pursuit, offering many safety benefits beyond cleanliness alone. By investing in these innovative systems, food processing facilities can create safer, more ergonomic work environments, prioritizing the health and safety of their most valuable asset: their employees.

Authored By Pete Barrie | Sani-Matic | Product Management Director