Standards & Certifications

As a  Rockwell Automation Gold OEM Partner Sani-Matic stays abreast of the latest automation trends through a dedicated partnership with Rockwell Automation.

CSA B51-14 Certificate of Approval

(Canadian Registration Numbers (CRN))

After successfully completing a third-party audit, Sani-Matic has earned a  Certificate of Approval ensuring compliance to the CSA Group CSA B51-14 Annex F standards.

This approval allows Sani-Matic to apply and register Canadian Registration Numbers (CRN) for their components and systems.

System (e.g., CIP, COP) registrations are often unique due to the custom nature of equipment, while some standard components such as our Angle-Line Strainers (4″ Body) are registered.

See below for Province and Registration Document information.

ASME BPE Standards

Meeting current hygienic design standards is a top focus at Sani-Matic. That is why we have Sani-Matic experts participating in BPE Standards task groups—and all Sani-Matic bio-pharm cleaning systems and components is designed to meet  ASME BPE standards.

3-A Standard Authorizations

Sani-Matic has 3-A Authorizations for its standard design  Basket, Angle-Line, ALB StrainersStraight-Line, and Y-Strainers as well as its standard  Static Spray Balls and Supply Tubes.

Sani-Matic also offers Rotary and Jet Spray Devices from Armaturenwerk Hotensleben GmbH (AWH). Its  SF40 Rotary Spray Device is 3-A Authorized.

Our sanitary process sight glass, model  VL-3A, is also 3-A authorized and offered in 2.0″ to 4.0″ TC sizes.

Sani-Matic’s SaniCab® PC cabinet washer is the first to hold a 3-A Authorization to the 14159 NSF standard, which is recognized by 3-A.

Sani-Matic can also design its hygienic process cleaning equipment to meet 3-A Accepted Practices (e.g., CIP Systems).

Canadian Registration Numbers

Sani-Matic has received a  Canadian Registration Number (CRN) for its 4″ body Angle-Line Strainers within the following Canadian Provinces:


    British Columbia




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