System Automation

System Automation

Be smarter about your sanitary process automation partner

Sani-Matic’s in-house programming team of sanitary system automation experts is unmatched in experience and expertise. Whether it is designing a custom graphics HMI screen, adding domain security to an HMI login, or integrating the automated controls of the CIP system with the process tanks and systems that it is cleaning, our team has seen (and can do) it all.

Standard System Automation for CIP and COP

Sani-Matic systems that include a touch screen interface get full control over customizations to meet their specific application needs. Some of the customizable options include:

     ○ Cleaning Cycle Recipes

     ○ HMI Screens for System Operation

     ○ Alarms / Select Recipe

     ○ Login and Security

     ○ External Controls & Integration

The Building Blocks of Cleaning Cycles

Each automated cleaning system is set up to be automated, yet fully flexible. We do this through OpCodes (or Steps) – the building blocks – that can create any cleaning cycle recipe and adjustable set points for the critical parameters of the system like TACT (Time, Action, Chemical, Temperature).

Automation Partnerships

As a Rockwell Automation Gold Partner OEM Company, we have the tools and partnerships ready to service any challenge your process may have.

System Automation Options

“My process systems and equipment don’t need to integrate with my CIP system.”
– Said no one, ever.

System Automation Options Include:

○ Custom HMI Screen – Text

○ Custom HMI Screen – Graphics

○ Additional User Security Levels

○ Active Directory Authentication

○ Additional External Controls

○ Operator Badge Reader

○ Electronic Cleaning Cycle Data Logging

○ Electronic Audit Trail Logging

System Automation Brochure

Click below to open the System Automation Brochure in a new tab to review or download directly.

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