Veterans Day is November 11, and in honor of those that have and continue to serve our country, we are sharing the stories of some of the veterans that are part of the Sani-Matic family in this series, “What it Means to Serve”.

“What it Means to Serve” – An interview with Jerid Scott

Jerid grew up knowing he had a desire to continue a family tradition of serving our country, and as he says, “Do my part”.  Jerid joined the United States Army in spring of 2002 at the age of 21.  As you might suspect from the timing, the events of September 11, 2001 were the final factor in his decision to enlist.  During his four and a half years of service Jerid progressed to the rank of Specialist (E4), was deployed twice, and met his two best friends, one of which is now his wife.

Of his time in the Army, Jerid especially enjoyed his first deployment to Germany.  It was a chance for new experiences, to meet different people, and to learn a little more about the world.  He was also very proud to be providing support for the troops in the Middle East.

His next deployment was to closer to front lines, in Iraq.  It was during his time in country that he met his wife, Sheryl, who was also on deployment as a Unites States Soldier.  Although he would admit this was the best thing that happened to him while serving, the most impactful part of his service was the friendships he built and the lessons he learned about working with a variety of people.  In Jerid’s words, “There was such a mix of people from everywhere; you just had to make it work and make friends.”

Jerid joined Sani-Matic in 2015 and helps his teammates as an applications engineer.  His experiences and lessons, from his time as a Soldier, on teamwork, getting things done in the face of obstacles, and taking pride in what you do, show everyday in what he does.  We are blessed to have former military members on our team, who can bring a unique perspective on counting on others, being counted on, and working toward the greater good.  Thank you Jerid and Sheryl for your service and all those men and women who do and have defended our nation, our constitution, and the ideals of freedom.