The Solution to CIP Spray Overflow

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Hygienic Spray Deflectors

The Solution to CIP Spray Overflow

Sani-Matic’s patented Hygienic Spray Deflector (HSD) features a tri-clamp connected vent housing with an interior reversed dish designed to deflect spray solution from exiting a tank.

The Hygienic Spray Deflector is designed for vessels where spray devices are used to clean the interior. These vessels include CIP tanks, process tanks, bioreactors and fermenters.

It redirects sprayed solution back into the process tank, without inhibiting tank port cleaning. When following the recommended spray device operating requirements, the Hygienic Spray Deflector’s design reduces solution from exiting open-to-atmosphere tanks – and reduces vent filter saturation and the potential for a burst rupture disk.

Quick Tips

How much water will this save?

Vent water loss will vary depending on installation and operating conditions, but a typical CIP operation for a single process tank in 1 year can lead to upwards of 1,000 gallons of water and 20 gallons of chemical being lost out of a leaking tank vent.

Quick Tips

The Hygienic Spray Deflector blocks direct spray, but does not eliminate vapor transfer across the tank vent!  

For achieving optimum results, follow the recommended spray device operating requirements and include a vent filter heating jacket if using a vent filter.

Quick Tips

What connection sizes are available?

While 1.5″ and 2.0″ TC sizes are standard, stocked units, we can customize to other connection sizes and lengths to meet your custom process requirements.

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Hygienic Spray Deflector
Product Overview

The Hygienic Spray Deflector redirects sprayed solution back into the process tank, without inhibiting tank port cleaning. Watch comparisons of CIP vent tank loss with and without the Hygienic Spray Deflector in this video!

Product Details

Standard Features

○ 316Lssl construction

○ Hygienic wetted finish: 15 µin Ra

○ Hygienic non-wetted finish: 32 µin RA

○ Face-to-face dimensions:

          ● 1.5″ TC = 6.03″

          ● 2.0″ TC = 5.91″

Tank Vent Without HSD

Tank Vent With HSD

Tank Vent + Filter Housing Without HSD

Tank Vent + Filter Housing With HSD

Standard Documentation

○ Material Test Reports (MTRs)

○ Component Drawings

○ Surface Finish Certification

○ Riboflavin Testing

○ Electropolish Certification

○ Passivation Certification

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