Sanitary Components: Y-Strainers

Y-Strainers fit into tight spaces and allow for easy cleaning

Small Footprint, Increased Efficiency

Do you need a strainer that can fit into a tight area? If yes, a Y-strainer may be the right strainer for your process.

The Sani-Matic Y-Strainers are designed to fit into tight piping configurations where room is scarce. The design also provides easy access to the element for quick inspection and cleaning.

Our Y-Strainers are engineered with a close-tolerance fit (0.010”) at the base of the insert that eliminates the need for an O-ring. Fewer parts mean faster cleaning and increased productivity.

Sani-Matic Y-Strainers are 3-A certified when used with the perforated element.

Not sure which strainer or element is right for your process? Begin working in our Model Key or call your local Sani-Matic distributor or Sani-Matic Inside Sales Specialist for more information.


Increases productivity

Designed for easy cleaning

Close-tolerance fit eliminates O-ring

Ideal for tight spaces

Small footprint fits into space-constrained areas

Good to Know
  • Strainer & Element Material: 316L stainless steel construction
  • Sanitary ID Finish: 32 µin Ra
  • Maximum temperature rating: 250 ⁰F
  • Full Assembly Maximum Pressure Rating: 120 psi
  • Standard Connection: Tri-Clamp
  • Close-tolerance fit (0.010")
  • Wedgewire elements have some interior surfaces greater than 32 µin Ra due to the construction process.
  • Hot water jacket is available in 4" body size and 1.5"-3.0" connection sizes
  • Perforated or wedgewire strainer elements are interchangeable
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