Sanitary Components: Basket Strainer

Basket strainer and perforated insert with filter media bags

Special Construction for High-Volume Process

Do you have a lot of particulate to strain from your process? Do you need a long run time without having to clean your strainer? If yes, Basket Strainers are an ideal solution for your process.

Sani-Matic Basket Strainers are specially constructed to strain particulates out of high-volume process streams. The innovative design includes a side inlet, which allows you to easily remove the basket for cleaning without disconnecting the line. Its durable construction means increased longevity in the field.

Sani-Matic offers both short and long models to meet your specific process needs. Our basket strainers are 3-A certified when using the perforated insert. If 3-A certification is required, consult a Sani-Matic sales associate to ensure the configuration meets standards.


Long life

Durable materials and construction for longevity

Increased productivity for high-volume process streams


The lid and hand knob closure are rated for higher pressures than clamp-style covers for improved worker safety


Quick release hand knobs and hinged lid remain attached for easy operation


Machined O-Ring seat prevents any fluid bypass

  • Cast and heavy-gauge 316L stainless steel construction
  • Available in five fitting sizes
  • Wedgewire or perforated strainer inserts
  • Rated to 100 psi maximum @ 200° F
  • Air relief vent valve included with complete assembly
  • Short model – 22", 110-lbs
  • Long model – 37", 130-lbs
  • Disposable filter bags in various media types and sizes for perforated and wedgewire models with filter bag clamp and ring
  • Long and short strainer stands available
Technical Information

Pressure Drop for Basket Strainer

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