Sanitary Components: Magnetic Trap Strainer


Capture Metal and Other Process Particles with One Solution

The Sani-Matic Angle-Line Magnetic Trap Strainer doubles as a strainer and magnetic trap to ensure product integrity and equipment protection against metal particles, such as iron, 304 stainless steel, and shed metal-detect gasket particulates, while also straining process particles such as seeds, pulp, and more. And, the two-in-one design eliminates the need for a second process line cut.

Already Have a Sani-Matic Angle-Line Strainer in Your Process?

For processes already using a Sani-Matic’s 4″ body Angle-Line Strainers for standard flow, they can easily convert it to a Magnetic Trap Strainer by adding a Magnetic Trap Element Frame and accompanying angle-line element retaining parts.

In the Market for Both a 4″ Body Angle-Line Strainer and Magnetic Trap?

Look no further than the Angle-Line Strainer Model Key. Configuring your Angle-Line Strainer with a Magnetic Trap option is easy.

And, with the magnetic trap located within the strainer body, the need for a second process line cut is eliminated, making installation easier.

Note: The Magnetic Trap Strainer does not meet 3-A Standards



Serves as a magnetic trap and process strainer

Available for new or aftermarket 4" body Angle-Line Strainers, standard flow


9,500-11,500 Gauss

Good to Know
  • Magnetic Rating Range: 9,500 - 11,500 Gauss
  • Maximum Temperature: 220 °F
  • Finish: 32 μin Ra
  • Connection Sizes: 1.5" - 3.0" Only
  • Standard Flow Only
  • 4" Body Size Only
  • Magnet: Neodymium rare-earth element
  • Adding magnetic trap capabilities adds only minimal pressure drop
  • Gauss certificate is provided
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