Sanitary Components: Angle-Line

Angle Line Strainer

Increase Uptime by Reducing Cleaning Time

Angle-Line Strainers with a 4″ body size allow operators to clean the strainer element without removing the strainer body from the process line, which significantly increases production uptime. They also allow for both standard (end-inlet) or reverse (side-inlet) process flow simply by changing the strainer element frame.

The Key to Capturing Process Debris? Selecting the Right Strainer Elements.
In addition to the strainer body, selecting the proper strainer elements is critical to capturing particulates in your process stream.
Sani-Matic offers a wide range of perforated and wedgewire elements, as well as mesh overlays to meet your process straining needs.

3-A Certified and Maintain Canadian Registration Numbers (CRN)

All Sani-Matic Angle-Line Strainers are 3-A certified when used with a perforated element (and with the exceptions noted below). The 4″ strainer body also has Canadian Registration Numbers (CRN).

Configurations to Meet Your Process
Sani-Matic offers several Angle-Line Strainer configurations within its Model Key:

  • Magnetic Trap Strainers for both ferromagnetic and other process debris capture
  • Sight glass for visual access to product
  • Sample/drain ports for liquid draining prior to removing elements for cleaning

Note: The magnetic trap, sight glass, and sample/drain port options do not meet 3-A Standards and do not have Canadian Registration Numbers (CRN).



Standard Angle-Line Strainers are 3-A Certified when using a perforated element

Canadian Registration Numbers (CRN)

The Angle-Line 4" body size have CRN


Allows for both standard (end-inlet) and reverse (side-inlet) flow


Operators can clean the element without removing the strainer body from the process line

Good to Know
  • Strainer & Element Material: 316L stainless steel
  • Sanitary ID Finish: 32 μin Ra
  • Full Assembly Maximum Pressure Rating: 120 psi
  • Maximum Temperature Rating: 250 °F
  • Wedgewire elements have some interior surfaces greater than 32 μin Ra due to the construction process.
  • When shipped, strainer assemblies with a Teflon Encapsulated O-ring are not lubricated. Strainer assemblies with other O-ring materials will be lubricated with an FDA-compliant silicone grease.
  • High-Capacity Angle-Line Strainers have a 6" Body Size and are ideal for higher-volume processes.
  • Sample / Drain Ports are 0.5" Tri-Clamp. They drain a majority of the liquid, but are not 100% drainable. NOTE: A cap or sample valve is not included in the assembly.
  • Strainers (4" body size only) available with hot water jacket (custom solution)
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