Sanitary Components: Supply Tubes


Determining the proper supply tube for your spraying system is critical for thorough cleaning.

Although spray balls are thought of as the only part to your spray solution, they will only provide a complete clean if they are positioned correctly for proper head and nozzle coverage. And the right supply tube is an integral part of proper positioning.

Sani-Matic’s standard supply tube design is 3-A certified, however, depending on the vessel and soil you are cleaning, you may need a custom-designed supply tube. Not sure what you need to ensure a complete clean? We’re here to help, let’s talk.



Provide proper positioning for spray device

Multiple Spray Assemblies

Accommodate multiple spray assemblies for complete spray coverage

  • 316L stainless steel
  • 32 Ra
  • Material certification is available
  • Finishes to match your spray ball and vessels
  • Custom-designed supply tubes
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