Sanitary Components: Static Spray Balls

Sani-Matic SB-5

Efficient, Effective and Dependable Cleaning

At Sani-Matic we work with you to find the right spray solution for your process.

We consult with our customers to evaluate their food, beverage, personal care, or bio-pharm application needs, as well as review their vessel drawings to properly design and manufacture a static spray ball for a complete, repeatable clean.

All of our static spray balls are manufactured in the U.S. for quick turnaround times—and we stock several standard designs for immediate availability.

Our standard static spray ball designs are 3-A certified when used with a wraparound clip.

Build up a Static Spray Ball that is right for your process with the easy-to-use Model Key.

Diagrams below show static spray ball model spray patterns.



Designed to 3-A standards

Made in the USA

Quick order turnaround

Easy to order

Documented for easy replacement

Can be made for your process

Custom-engineered solutions are available

Good to Know
  • Material: 316L stainless steel
  • Sanitary Finish: 32 µin Ra (Standard)
  • Wraparound clip (Standard)
  • Standard drilling is 40 gpm @ 25psi
  • Three Types: Spherical, Tangential, Spray Bubble
  • Tangential Hemispheres are only available as 2.5" ball diameter with a 1.5" connection
  • Stock and Custom Static Spray Balls are available
  • Material Test Reports (MTRs) are available
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