The company’s four-inch body size, Angle-Line Strainers have CRN within Canadian provinces Manitoba, Alberta, and Ontario; more to come

SUN PRAIRIE, Wisc. – Sani-Matic Inc., a Wisconsin-based manufacturer of sanitary process cleaning equipment and components, has received Canadian Registration Numbers (CRN) for its four-inch body size, Angle-Line Strainers. The strainers have received CRN within the Canadian provinces AlbertaManitoba, and Ontario.

Sani-Matic provides a variety of finishes, connection sizes, and options within its Angle-Line Strainer offering. All four-inch, Angle-Line Strainers have CRN, except those with a butt weld connection type, and magnetic trap, sight glass, or drain port options.

Understanding CRN

The CRN system is a method used in Canada to review and register the design of pressure vessels, piping systems, fittings, and components used to make them. The CSA Group’s CSA B51 standard governs the CRN system. Each Canadian province or territory issues CRN where the equipment and components are used, adding their own specific rules to enforce the standard.

Achieving CRN for Angle-Line Strainers

“Sani-Matic received CRN for its Angle-Line Strainers after a third party performed rigorous hydrostatic burst testing to certify pressure-temperature ratings for the component,” explained Pete Barrie, Senior Product Manager. “Close attention was paid to proper tri-clamp torque to ensure the correct tri-clamp installation conditions.”

“That information and third-party calculations then went to the Canadian authorities for review and approval,” Barrie added.

Sani-Matic is working to receive CRN for its Angle-Line Strainers in other key provinces, along with CRN for additional strainer types. “To ensure customers have access to the most-up-to-date certificates by province, we have an online resources section containing information on all registered components with CRN,” stated Barrie.

About Sani-Matic Inc.

Sani-Matic Inc. delivers reliable sanitary process cleaning solutions through targeted engineering, automation, and craftsmanship. The Wisconsin-based manufacturer serves the food, beverage, personal care, and biopharmaceutical industries. Founded in 1943, Sani-Matic offers a full line of equipment and supporting sanitary components. These include clean-in-place (CIP) systems, clean-out-of-place (COP) parts washers, cabinet washers, tunnel washers, boosted pressure systems, 3-A certified strainers, static spray balls, and more. These proven products, as well as the company’s Tactical Solutions system optimization program and Preventive Maintenance services, provide customers with total Cleaning Confidence.