Food & Beverage: CIP Mini

Clean-In-Place Mini System

CIP Mini – Powerful, Portable, Compact CIP

Achieve automated Clean-in-Place (CIP) with the portable and compact CIP Mini.

As a small scale system, this lower initial capital investment option provides simple and flexible CIP, programmed by our in-house automation experts to meet your specific cleaning needs.

The CIP Mini is offered in our Configured Design Offering, allowing for easy and quick system specification with our model key and accessory selection, all outlined in the Technical Datasheet.

SaniTrend™ Cloud or SaniTrend Local software packages are available as options, which enables fully automated reporting functionality, helping to meet FSMA reporting requirements for recording on cleaning & sanitation processes.  SaniTrend Cloud’s online functionality also offers additional system insights including Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) trending, live dashboards, preventive maintenance trackers, event notifications, and more.


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