Food & Beverage: SaniCab® P Series Configured Design Offering

SaniCab CDO 3.26.20

An Easy-to-Specify Cabinet Washer to Meet Your Productivity and Sanitary Requirements

The automated SaniCab P Series Configured Design Offering allows food and beverage manufacturers to easily select options from a model key for a fully defined, sanitary cabinet washer.

Supporting technical details regarding dimensions, utilities, components, options, racks, and more are found in the SaniCab Technical Datasheet.

Whether the right system for your process falls within the Configured Design Offering or requires an Alternative Design Request, the SaniCab P Series is designed for increased productivity and repeatable results:

  • Short Cycle Times. Automated cycle times as short as 10 minutes.
  • More Clean. One Machine. Able to clean a wide variety of small to large process parts in one machine.
  • Documentation. SaniTrend™ Data Acquisition and Management System to help meet FSMA and HACCP regulations.
  • Low Sump Volume. Low-volume sumps provide a high-flow rate for effective cleaning with less water and chemicals.
  • General, Standard & Custom Racks. Optimize load capacity and ensure process parts are completely clean.
  • Complete Spray Coverage. Exclusive spray arms and optional active spray connection clean simple to complex parts.
  • Sanitary Design. Open channel frame design.

SaniTrend™ Cloud or SaniTrend Local software packages are available as options, which enables fully automated reporting functionality, helping to meet FSMA reporting requirements for recording on cleaning & sanitation processes.  SaniTrend Cloud’s online functionality also offers additional system insights including Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) trending, live dashboards, preventive maintenance trackers, event notifications, and more.


Weigh Scales Washer

Scale Buckets / Weigh Hoppers

Elevator Buckets Washer

Elevator Buckets

Totes Washer


Buckets Washer, Trays Washer

Buckets & Trays



Standard Models
Models Usable Space Dimensions
P335 30" W x 35" D x 65" H
P365 30" W x 73" D x 65" H
P565 56" W x 71" D x 54" H
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