Food & Beverage: Racks and Transfer Carts

Sanitary Racks Designed and Optimized for Your Process

Each food and beverage manufacturer has different process soils to remove and parts to clean.

Sani-Matic’s engineers have designed Standard Racks for common clean-out-of-place process parts such as scale buckets or weigh hoppers, 3- and 5-gallon buckets, pallets, totes, trays, and buggies.

However, they also design Custom Racks following three design tiers: Customization – Standard Rack, Custom Rack, and Custom Active Rack.

General, Standard, and Custom Racks are detailed in the SaniCab P Series Technical Datasheet.

Why Sani-Matic Racks and Transfer Carts?

  • More Clean with One Machine. With multiple racks, operators can clean diverse process parts with one capital equipment investment.
  • Efficient. Rack is designed for optimized load capacity and intuitive part placement.
  • Safe Transport. Transfer carts assist operators with easy and safe process part handling.
  • Sanitary Design. The transfer cart has an open channel design to prevent harboring bacteria. It remains outside of the washer to prevent the floor’s bacteria from entering the washer.
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