Food & Beverage: Racks and Transfer Carts

Designed to Meet Your Specific Applications

Each food and beverage manufacturer has different process parts to clean and challenging soils to remove. Sani-Matic’s engineers look at your process when designing a Rack and Transfer Cart for the SaniCab P Series cabinet washer.

Our engineers 3D model your process parts to design racks that optimize load capacity and ensure a complete clean.

Why Sani-Matic Racks and Transfer Carts?

  • Sanitary Design. The transfer cart has an open channel design to prevent harboring bacteria. It remains outside of the washer to prevent bacteria found on the floor from entering the washer.
  • Designed for Your Process. Our engineers 3D model your process parts to design racks that optimize load capacity and provide a complete clean.
  • Efficient. Rack is designed for optimum capacity and intuitive part placement.
  • Safe Transport. Transfer carts assist operators with easy and safe process part handling.
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