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Multi Purpose Cabinet Washers

Multi-Purpose Cabinet Washer. Cleaning Everything from Weigher System Scale Buckets to Totes, Trays and Elevator Buckets.

Most food and beverage manufacturers have a variety of process items that need to be cleaned several times a day to meet production demand or prevent allergen cross-contamination. If the items are being cleaned manually, that is a lot of time, water and labor dedicated to cleaning—and the results are inconsistent.

The Sani-Matic SaniCab is an automated, flexible cabinet washer designed to consistently clean a wide variety of product contact items including trays, pots, elevator buckets, weigh scale buckets, vibratory feed pans, totes, drums, filler pistons and more.

To provide a complete clean, and improve your productivity, the SaniCab is designed with a series of beneficial features:

  • Cycle times as low as 15 minutes
  • A 17-gallon, low-volume sump provides a high-flow rate for effective cleaning, while using less water and chemicals
  • Dual straining (tray strainer and Y-Strainer) to capture large and small particles and conveyorized strainers are also available for heavy soil loads
  • Optional dryer system improves turnaround times by up to 75%
  • Custom-designed Rack-on-Cart Systems optimize load and ensure a complete clean of all process items

SaniCab Rack-on-Cart Systems

The washer’s accompanying Rack-on-Cart System provides an easy, safe and sanitary way to transport items to and from the cabinet washer. The racks are 3-D modeled for your specific process items, ensuring a complete clean—every time.



Weigh Scales Washer

Weigh Scale Buckets

Elevator Buckets Washer

Elevator Buckets

Buckets Washer, Trays Washer

Buckets & Trays

Totes Washer


Vibratory Feed Pans Washer

Vibratory Feed Pans

  • Stainless steel construction
  • SaniCab P335 (3’W x 3’D x 5’H)
  • Portable rack-on-cart system
  • Electric immersion or steam heating
  • Hydraulically driven top, side and bottom rotating spray bars
  • Spray bars contain easy-to-clean stainless steel nozzles
  • PLC controls/control interface
  • Automatic water level controls with alarm and shutdown
  • Automatic reservoir drain valve
  • Multiple pre-programmed wash cycles
  • Pre-piped centrifugal supply pump
  • Automatic shut-down if door is opened
  • Left or right door models
  • SaniCab P365 (3’W x 6’D x 5’H)
  • Conveyorized strainer
  • Insulated cabinet and door
  • Blow-off dryer system (steam or electric)
  • Shell and tube heat exchanger
  • Exhaust fan
  • Discharge strainer with wedgewire insert
  • Custom-designed racks, including active racks
  • Automatic detergent and/or sanitizer injection system
  • Motor shroud
  • Hose with gun for manual pre-rinse of heavily soiled items
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