Food & Beverage: Product Carrier Washers

Product Carrier Washers

Rack Washers for a Complete Clean of Hard-to-Clean Racks, Trees and Trucks

Sani-Matic Product Carrier Washers are engineered to clean product carriers such as racks, trees, cages and trucks using a consistent, cost-effective process. Our exclusively designed rotating spray arms and oscillating spray bars ensure cleaning solutions are evenly distributed inside the washer to tackle tough-to-clean, baked-on food product.

The Sani-Matic zoned sequence design provides a thorough clean:

  • Alternating zones generate higher impact spray coverage and eliminate interference from counter spray.
  • Using a zoned pattern increases chemical dwell time to remove even the most difficult product residue, such as those found in smoked meat and bakery applications.

Sustainability and safety advantages are also found with the Product Carrier Washer:

  • Cleaning solutions are drawn from the reservoir and recirculated, reducing chemical and water use.
  • The stainless steel cabinet and inflatable door gaskets isolate cleaning process vapors and condensate, protecting operators and the production area.





Bakery Racks Washer

Bakery Racks

Meat Racks Washer

Meat Racks, Trees and Trucks

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Hinged doors with inflatable door gaskets
  • Pre-piped centrifugal supply pump
  • Oscillating spray bars vertically mounted on both sides
  • PLC controls with control interface
  • Automatic temperature and water level controls with alarm and shutdown
  • Automatic zone valve sequence operation
  • Multiple pre-programmed wash cycles
  • Two-stage solution-straining system with removable elements
  • Automatic final rinse control
  • Direct steam injection
  • Exhaust fan
  • Conveyorized strainer
  • Natural gas or electric immersion heating
  • Steam coil
  • Floor- or pit-mounted
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