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Targeted Rinse, Foam, Sanitize Cleaning

Boosted Pressure Systems: Targeted Rinse, Foam, Sanitize Cleaning

Difficult-to-disassemble process equipment such as spiral freezers, screw conveyors, dryer cabinets and beverage fillers still need to be cleaned, as do facility floors, walls and platforms. The Impact RFS is a high-impact boosted pressure system that produces the pressure needed to generate a Rinse, Foam and Sanitize (RFS) program that tackles those hard-to-clean areas throughout your facility.

The Sani-Matic Boosted Pressure Impact RFS System can be located centrally or locally to boost incoming water pressure by 300 psi (or specified) to ensure on demand cleaning for every hose gun operator. System sensors automatically turn on the boosters and a time delay shutdown conserves energy.

The Boosted Pressure Systems generate high-impact cleaning results, but require lower water use for water and labor savings.

The Sani-Matic engineering team can also configure an automated boosted pressure system to your individual plant layout that controls zoned spray manifolds for a sequenced rinse, foam and sanitize process.


Faster cleaning

Larger water droplets create more cleaning impact at the surface.

Food safety

Boosted pressure removes soil efficiently, while minimizing cross-contamination.

Improved foaming

Creates clinging foam to ensure adequate dwell time.

Ease of use

Ergonomic hose gun design enables manual operators to use longer, without stress.


Reduces total cleaning costs by saving water and chemical use, while also cutting labor time.

Standard Features
  • Multiple standard model sizes:
    · Booster 1 (one user maximum)
    · Booster 1X (one user maximum)
    · Booster 4 (four users maximum)
    · Booster 8 (eight users maximum)
  • Multi-stage, self-priming centrifugal pump sized to serve the number of simultaneous operators
  • Integrated Siemens PLC with display and operator panel housed in NEMA 4X enclosure
  • Pressure switch disables system at low psi and temperature switch disables system at high temperature (adjustable set point)
  • Flow switch automatically enables booster pump when needed. Disables pump at completion
  • Manual water supply inlet isolation ball valve
  • 200 mesh water supply strainer and 304 stainless steel wetted surfaces
  • Pump discharge pressure gauge
Optional Features
  • Floor mounted: 304 stainless steel box tube frame with leveling feet
  • Wall mounted: 304 stainless steel enclosure with hinged access door and lockable handle with key
  • Custom flow rates and pressures
  • Allen-Bradley PLC
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