Services: Tactical Solutions

System Optimization Through Detailed Evaluation, Consultation

Are your bacterial levels testing high? Are you using more chemicals than your process requires? Does your cleaning process take two hours, but you need it done in one? Our Tactical Solutions field engineers routinely find solutions for challenges like these and many more.

When you are faced with a cleaning predicament that you and your team can’t solve, Sani-Matic’s experienced field engineers will visit your facility during critical cleaning hours—day or night—to speak with your operators, review standard operating procedures, training protocols, process lines, equipment set points, operating recipes and more.

The information from this assessment is aggregated in a detailed report proposing the necessary steps to address your challenges, optimize your system, promote safety and generate savings.

Our Tactical Solutions Manager has completed Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) training and is a Preventive Control Qualified Individual (PCQI). He is prepared to help you with your Sanitation Preventive Controls plan.

Not sure if the Tactical Solutions program can help your process? See what some of our customers are saying:

“Utilizing Sani-Matic’s recommendations following the assessment of our CIP process, we revised our cleaning cycle parameters. This resulted in the reduction of chemical consumption from one IBC per week to one IBC per month.” – Engineering Manager, Large North American Food Company

“Sani-Matic’s audit of our CIP systems and Standard Operating Procedures enabled us to shave 1½ hours off of every cleaning cycle without having to make any additional investment.” – Plant Sanitation Manager, Global Food Company

Onsite system reviews include detailed analyses:
  • Process equipment cleanability assessment
  • Cleaning cycle observation and efficacy testing
  • Instrumentation performance evaluation
  • Results from operator procedure reviews
  • Clean-in-place (CIP) system analysis
  • CIP and process flow path analysis
  • Utility and chemical use assessment
Once we’ve identified areas for improvement, we propose the solution:
  • System performance goal development
  • System improvement proposals
  • Detailed reports outlining corrective measures and priorities
  • Cost-benefit analysis for proposed improvements
  • Engineering design and bid package development
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