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Sani-Matic goes beyond designing and manufacturing sanitary process cleaning equipment. Our thought leaders have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and consistently seek ways to be an invaluable resource for our customers. Through association participation, industry standard task groups, training, and certifications they are available to help food, beverage, and bio-pharm processors manufacture safe, high-quality products.

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Bryan Downer

3A-SSI Certified Conformance Evaluator (CCE), 3-A Work Group Member, EHEDG Subcommittee Working Group Leader
Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Bryan is a patent-owning engineer and sales leader with deep roots in 3-A and the European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG). He is a 3A-SSI Certified Conformance Evaluator (CCE), 3-A Work Group Member, and EHEDG Subcommittee Working Group Leader. His strong engineering background and active participation in these groups bring extensive industry knowledge and expertise to Sani-Matic.

Micah Muller

Preventive Controls Qualified Individual (PCQI)
Tactical Solutions Manager

Micah joined Sani-Matic in 2012 as a field service engineer and quickly demonstrated his propensity for problem-solving and thorough system analyses. He was promoted to Tactical Solutions manager in 2015 where he managed the Tactical Solutions field engineers and provided technical support to end-users. In 2017, he was promoted to manage all Sani-Matic services including the Preventive Maintenance (PM) program, Start-up, and Field Services.

Being able to help customers understand and meet FSMA regulations is an important skill set. That is why Micah became a Preventive Controls Qualified Individual (PCQI) in 2018.

Chris McNulty

ISPE-CIP/COP Fundamentals Course Trainer
Director of Business Development, Bio-Pharm

Chris McNulty has contributed to Sani-Matic’s success for more than three decades. He began his career at Sani-Matic as an electrical project engineer, and through a series of promotions, became the company’s go-to person for bio-pharm expertise. Chris has become a respected educator regarding critical cleaning and guides customers through the complex bio-pharm regulatory landscape.

Chris is a presenter and co-developer of materials for the ISPE CIP/COP Cleaning Fundamentals course.

Pete Barrie

BPE Committee Member, 3-A Work Group Member, PCQI/HAACP Certified
Product Management Director

Pete Barrie oversees all product direction for the pharmaceutical, biotech, food and beverage industries. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical and Biological Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, leading him to engineering roles in product development, technical writing, and project management.

Pete continuously develops his hygienic design technical knowledge through participation in Bioprocessing Equipment (BPE) Committee Meetings as a committee member and task group leader, and 3-A Work Group Member Meetings. Pete is also a Preventive Controls Qualified Individual (PCQI) and is Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HAACP) certified.

Solo Yang

BPE Contributing Member
Sales Engineer, Bio-Pharm/Food & Beverage

Solo joined Sani-Matic in 2006 as a project engineer serving the food and beverage industries. He was quickly cross-trained to serve the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. In 2016, following a decade of engineering success, Solo migrated from engineering to sales. He is now the Sales Engineer for International and OEM customers. He creates strategic partnerships with OEMs and is growing Sani-Matic’s presence in Canada and Mexico.

Solo is an active BPE contributing member and played a critical role in the development of ASME BPE’s 2016 Cabinet Washer Standards.


We work to fully understand and meet industry standards as well as contribute to their development. Achieving certification through auditing processes and collaborating with key partners also allows us to provide our customers with the hygienic solutions they need.

ASME BPE Standards

Meeting current hygienic design standards is a top focus at Sani-Matic. That is why we have Sani-Matic experts participating in BPE Standards task groups—and all Sani-Matic bio-pharm cleaning equipment is designed to meet ASME BPE standards.

3-A Certification

Sani-Matic has achieved 3-A Certification for its standard design Basket, Angle-Line, Straight-Line, and Y-Strainers as well as its standard Static Spray Balls and Supply Tubes.

Sani-Matic also offers Rotary and Jet Spray Devices from Armaturenwerk Hotensleben GmbH (AWH). Its SF40 Rotary Spray Device is 3-A Certified.

Our sanitary process sight glass, model VL-3A, is also 3-A certified and offered in 2.0″ to 4.0″ TC sizes.

Sani-Matic can also design its sanitary process cleaning equipment to 3-A Standards.

CSA B51-14 Certificate of Approval

After successfully completing a third-party audit, Sani-Matic has earned a Certificate of Approval ensuring compliance to the CSA Group CSA B51-14 Annex F standards. Learn more.

This approval allows Sani-Matic to apply and register Canadian Registration Numbers (CRN) for their components and systems.

System registrations are often unique due to the custom nature of equipment. Sani-Matic’s Angle-Line Strainers (4″ Body) are registered.

See below for Province and Registration Document information.

Rockwell Automation OEM Partner

As a Rockwell Automation OEM Partner Sani-Matic stays abreast of the latest automation trends through a dedicated partnership with Rockwell Automation.

Canadian Registration Number (CRN):
Angle-Line Strainers

Sani-Matic has received a CRN for its 4″ body Angle-Line Strainers within the following Canadian Provinces:


British Columbia