Food & Beverage: Two-Tank CIP System

Food and Beverage Clean-In-Place Two Tank

Two-Tank CIP Systems for Solution Recovery, Reuse and Increased Cycle Times

Many food process facilities have limited water utilities. They must recover and reuse wash solutions to be efficient, cost-effective and sustainable. With a two-tank CIP system, the detergent wash can be reused to provide water savings and faster wash cycle times due to recovered solution that is already heated and charged with chemical.

Sani-Matic Clean-In-Place (CIP) two-tank systems are engineered to your specific plant application, layout and utility requirements and our in-house programming experts design each CIP program to optimize cycle times that get you back into production faster.

Note: Although a two-tank system will generate water, chemical and time savings, a two-tank CIP system is not ideal for processes with cross-contamination concerns.



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