Bio-Pharm: ADEPT Rack Program

Custom-Designed Racks: A GMP Washer’s Critical Companion

Each bio-pharm manufacturing process is different, with different process items and different soils to remove. And because all process items must achieve a complete and documentable clean, Sani-Matic’s rack design experts look closely at the process items you need cleaned to ensure a validatable clean.

Sani-Matic’s Accurate Design Exact Placement Targeted spray Rack Program guides project managers and validation engineers through the complex process of achieving a repeatable cleaning process – from parts load list development, 3-D modeling, and parts placement to the final rack design customized for your process.

Whether the process part is a large centrifuge or small graduated cylinders, our design team will develop an active rack that directs solution to the interior contact surfaces for full spray coverage. 

  • Easy Transport. For floor-mounted washers, Sani-Matic offers transfer carts with a locking mechanism to hold the rack onto the cart, making it easy and safe to transport items from the production area to the washer.  Pit-mounted washers maintain roll-in racks for easy parts loading and transferring.
  • Active Rack Spray Systems. Solution is directed into an active rack’s piping and spray assemblies to provide targeted and thorough spray coverage.


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