Bio-Pharm: PharmaCab™ SP Series


Pharmaceutical Grade Small Parts GMP Washer Provides a Validatable Clean

The new PharmaCab SP Series is an automated, ASME BPE-compliant cabinet washer for pharmaceutical processes using glassware, filter housings, dedusters, scoops, hoses, valves, graduated cylinders, gaskets, fittings, and other process parts that require a repeatable, validatable clean.

Easy to Specify, Quick to Deliver

The PharmaCab SP Series Configured Design Offering includes a model number builder and is accompanied by a detailed technical datasheet defining all dimensions, volumes, utilities, components, features and options for a thorough product explanation and easy specification. If your process requires a system outside of the pre-engineered Configured Design Offering, your Alternative Design Requests will be accommodated with a custom-engineered solution to meet your process needs.

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