Bio-Pharm: PharmaCab™ MP Series


High-Throughput Capacity GMP Washer Cleans Entire Suite in One Load

Sani-Matic’s hygienic GMP cabinet washers help bio-pharm industry manufacturers meet strict process cleaning standards to achieve documentable clean, every time.

The Sani-Matic PharmaCab MP Series is an automated cabinet washer engineered to thoroughly clean and dry an entire suite in one load including tableting process items, trays, pans, buckets, totes, filter housings, drums, hoses, fittings, utensils and more.

The PharmaCab MP Series design meets cGMP and complies with the latest ASME BPE Cabinet Washer Standards.

Rotating and oscillating spray bars with targeted spray nozzles ensure an even distribution of solution for complete cleaning coverage of all process parts and the wash chamber’s interior. A 40-recipe PLC controls with easy-to-navigate HMI generate repeatable, documentable results.

The GMP washer delivers repeatable and documentable cleaning and drying results with a series of important features:

  • Non-threaded, 1/4 turn removable nozzles for easy inspection and cleaning
  • Proof of rotation sensors
  • Radiused corners
  • External CIP supply and recirculation assembly
  • External dryer system

Custom-Engineered Racks: A GMP Washer’s Critical Companion

Through the ADEPT Rack Program the washer’s accompanying custom-designed racks are designed by 3-D modeling process parts to ensure exact placement of parts on the rack for a documentable clean. An active coupler connection is built into the washer and rack to distribute solution for a targeted spray that ensures a complete clean of hard-to-clean process parts.


Dedusters parts GMP Washer; Tablet Press Parts gmp washer

Dedusters/Tablet Press Parts

pill slats gmp washer

Pill Slats

Filter Housings GMP Washer

Filter Housings

Encapsulation Parts gmp washer

Encapsulation Parts

pharmaceutical drums gmp washer


BPE fittings gmp washer

BPE Fittings

Standard Features
  • Wetted 316L stainless steel, 25 μin Ra Non-wetted 304 stainless steel, 32 μin Ra
  • Full radiused corners in chamber
  • Single door design
  • Pneumatically inflatable EPDM door gasket
  • Allen-Bradley CompactLogix with PanelView Plus HMI
  • Non-threaded, 1/4 turn removable spray nozzles
  • Proof of rotation sensors
  • Custom-designed racks with active sprays
  • External CIP supply and recirculation assembly supplies solution to cabinet
  • External Dryer system with HEPA filter
  • Chemical Delivery, two pumps provide accurate dosage of chemicals
Optional Features
  • Double door (pass-through) design
  • Seismic zone anchorage calculations
  • Barrier flanges
  • Drain cooling valve
  • Remote chemical supply
  • 20 μin Ra finish
  • Electropolishing
  • Passivation
  • Sample Station
  • Printer
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