Bio-Pharm Hygienic Components: Tee-line Strainers


Protect Pharmaceutical Process Pumps with Tee-Line Strainers

Sani-Matic Tee-Line Strainers are designed to keep materials out of your pumps and process equipment. And, when critical cleaning needs require hygienic design such as BPE fittings and lower Ra finishes, Sani-Matic has the expertise and craftsmanship to meet those needs.

The Tee-Line Strainers are engineered with functionality and simplicity in mind. That is why the strainer’s insert is designed with an open area of perforation that exceeds line size diameter for a minimal pressure drop to protect the pump from cavitation. The strainer also has a tri-clamp for quick insert removal and easy cleaning.


Designed for your process

Custom-designed to meet your bio-pharm requirements

Protecting investments

Economical way to protect valuable equipment

Increasing productivity

Easy-to-clean inserts

Available Features
  • 316L stainless steel construction
  • 1/4" or 1/8" perforations for inserts
  • Tri-clamp or weld connection
  • Hygienic wetted finish: 25 μin Ra
  • Hygienic non-wetted finish: 32 μin Ra
  • EPDM and other gasket materials
  • BPE fittings
  • Alignment positioning pin
  • Electropolish (EP)
  • Passivation
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