Bio-Pharm Hygienic Components: Hygienic Components Brochure

High-quality, custom-designed hygienic components for the bio-pharm industry are part of Sani-Matic’s extensive expertise in providing  hygienic process cleaning equipment and components. The Hygienic Components brochure highlights Sani-Matic’s Hygienic Components capabilities in an easy-to-navigate product brochure featuring the following components:

  • Hygienic Spray Deflector
  • Directionally Drilled Spray Ball Assemblies
  • In-Line Strainers
  • Tee-Line Strainers
  • Hygienic Components Documentation

The company’s experienced team of design and engineering experts ensures your components meet your process needs, including BPE fittings, lower Ra finishes, full drainability and more to accommodate process requirements.

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