Bio-Pharm Hygienic Components: Hygienic ALB Strainer

Hygienic ALB Strainer

Industry Leading Process Equipment Protection

Component and equipment protection is critical to keeping biopharmaceutical processes running – the Hygienic ALB Strainer protects these components during CIP and other process steps, allowing production to continue as-designed, safely, and uninterrupted.

Designed to meet ASME BPE standards, the Hygienic ALB Strainer is ready to integrate into your process today.



Tangential inlet to promote adequate cleaning velocities within body for elimination of dead leg concern

Unique strainer element cap design allows for easy cleanout

Standard 360 degree sight glass for particulate inspection without breaking process connection

Ergonomic designs for strainer handle and element cap removal

Particulates captured within basket element

Basket element end cap allows for easy flushing of basket element

Angle-line design allows for element removal without breaking process line components

Tuf-Flex Tri-Clamp gaskets reduce "sticking" of seal when servicing strainer

Materials of construction, surface finishes, certifications, and documentation package meeting industry standards

Designed for low pressure drop

Multiple inlet orientations and sizes

Eccentric fittings for full drainability in multiple installation orientations

Optional pressure gauges or ports for monitoring particulate loading

Optional interchangeable mesh underlays for finer straining

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