Food & Beverage: Vat Wash

Food and Beverage Vat Wash

Thoroughly Clean Vats, V-mag Buggies, Bins and Carts

Many food manufacturers manually clean large product containers, such as vats or buggies, which requires a significant amount of time, water, chemicals and labor—an expensive process.

Sani-Matic’s automated Vat Washers are designed to thoroughly, and more efficiently, clean all product contact surfaces, as well as the exterior surfaces of large vats, bins, plastic combos and V-mag buggies.

The containers are loaded onto an inverting door carriage and lifted into the cabinet where a high-impact rotating spray manifold ensures consistent, full-coverage cleaning. The Vat Washer’s unique dual reservoir design utilizes a pre-rinse process to conserve detergent, water and utilities.



Consistent, repeatable results

Documented cleaning process.

Complete clean

Exclusively designed rotating spray bars distribute cleaning solution evenly for a complete clean.


Easy loading and unloading with built-in door ramp and inverting door carriage.


Chemical, water and labor savings.

  • Single- and dual-position washers
  • Three- to five-minute typical cycle time
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Door carriage with hold downs and ramp for floor loading
  • Gear driven spray manifolds
  • High-impact, 360° spray nozzles including directional sprays to the bottom of vats and buggies
  • Two-stage solution-straining system with removable elements
  • Pre-piped centrifugal supply pump
  • Automatic temperature and water level controls with alarm and shutdown
  • Direct steam injection heating system
  • PLC controls with control interface and indicator lights
  • Automatic final rinse control
  • Automatic detergent injections/concentration control
  • Automatic sanitizer injection system
  • Custom door fixture to accommodate buggies, totes and conveyors
  • Blow-off dryer system
  • Motor starter/disconnect with cabinet-mounted enclosure
  • Electric immersion or steam coil assembly heating
  • Conveyorized strainer
  • Exhaust fan
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