Food & Beverage: Multi-Tank

Food and Beverage Clean-In-Place Multi Tank Systems

Multi-Tank Clean-in-Place (CIP) Systems for Solution and Rinse Recovery, Reuse. Efficient, Economical and Sustainable Solutions.

Multi-tank CIP Systems are ideal for processes that require frequent cleaning, operational efficiencies, and sustainable solutions, as well as when cross-contamination is not a critical concern.

A multi-tank CIP system maintains a rinse tank, holding tank and solution tank allowing the recovery and reuse of both the wash solution and rinse water for the next cleaning cycle. A fourth tank may be added to a multi-tank system for acid reuse applications.

Sani-Matic Clean-In-Place (CIP) multi-tank systems generate significant operational efficiencies and allow processors to meet sustainability goals with reuse capabilities. The systems are engineered to your specific plant application, layout and utility requirements and our in-house programming experts design each CIP program to optimize cycle times that get you back into production faster.




Permits recovery and reuse of wash solutions and rinse water.

Reduces water and waste-water costs.


A fourth tank can be added for acid recovery, reuse applications.

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