Bio-Pharm: GMP Cabinet Washers


GMP Cabinet Washers Designed for Critical Cleaning and Repeatable Results

Pharmaceutical, biotech, nutraceutical and personal care manufacturers have a significant number of process items that must be cleaned daily, each with a specific cleaning need due to varying soil properties, manufacturing processes and soil loads. And each needs to achieve a validatable clean, every time.

The automated Sani-Matic cabinet washers are designed and manufactured to address the bio-pharm industry’s critical cleaning challenges and to meet cGMP and comply with the 2016 ASME BPE cabinet washer standards.

Each cabinet washer is designed to be self-cleaning and comes with our exclusively designed sanitary spray assemblies that distribute cleaning solution evenly throughout the wash chamber. These rotating spray arms and oscillating high-impact manifolds effectively remove difficult residues from both interior and exterior product contact surfaces, while the PLC controls the cleaning cycles to ensure a repeatable and validatable process.

Sani-Matic cabinet washers have several features that make them ideal for critical cleaning applications:

  • Non-threaded, 1/4 turn removable nozzles for easy cleaning
  • Proof of rotation sensors
  • Self-cleaning capabilities
  • A complete dryer system
  • Washer racks 3-D modeled to individual process items
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