Services: SaniTrend™ Local

SaniTrend Local

The PC-based SaniTrend Local reporting system is installed on a desktop PC and interfaces with the Sani-Matic cleaning system’s Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) to collect and store cleaning wash cycle data, also known as recipes. An authorized user logs in to the SaniTrend Local PC to select recipes by date or time through a recipe selection screen. 

When the recipe is selected the user can view the cleaning wash cycle data as Recipe Chart Data, Recipe Charts and Recipe Events screens. 

Operating Requirements

  • Minimum Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Requirements: Allen-Bradley® CompactLogix™ Controller or ControlLogix® Controller with Ethernet. 


Documented Cleaning

Cleaning wash cycle data is easy to retrieve from storage, helping meet regulatory FSMA and HAACP documentation requirements.

Easy-to-Understand Data

Data is available in a clear and concise format for easy analysis.

Diagnostic Analysis

Tracks cycle alarm data, serving as a basic diagnostic tool.

Cleaning System Data Collected
  • Plant name/location
  • Batch ID number
  • Recipe name
  • Analog values and setpoints (Time, Action, Chemistry, Temperature monitored depending on available instrumentation)
  • Opcode names
  • Alarms
  • The HMI buttons pressed during the recipe (Start, Stop, Hold, Abort and Step)
  • Step time
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