Sanitary Components: In-Line

In-line Strainer

3-A Certified Strainers

Every sanitary process, whether it is a food, beverage, pharmaceutical or personal care process, requires particulate straining to protect product integrity and processing equipment from damaging objects.

Many processors use a variety of In-Line Strainers to ensure proper straining and increased productivity.

  • Straight-Line Strainers. When using straight-line strainers, you must break a process line for cleaning.
  • Angle-Line Strainers. With an angle-line strainer, you can clean the element without removing the strainer from the process line, increasing your uptime.
  • Dual Angle-Line Strainer Assemblies. With a Dual Angle-Line Strainer Assembly you can close the valve on one line to clean the strainer, while the process stream continues to flow through the other. No process interruption, no downtime.

Sani-Matic’s In-Line Strainers are sanitary and 3-A certified when using the perforated insert. Contact your sales representative to ensure the configuration meets all 3-A standards.

In-Line Strainer Elements

Selecting the proper strainer element and retainer inserts for your In-Line Strainer is a critical step to capturing the particulates in your process stream.

Sani-Matic offers a wide range of perforated and wedgewire elements and mesh overlays to meet all process straining needs.

Not sure what your process needs? Our representatives have decades of experience and are available to help you choose the right strainer for your process.



Increased productivity

Easy to clean strainers increase production uptime


Sanitary design (3-A certified)

Long life

Durable materials and a robust design


Variety in strainer body and elements

  • 316L stainless steel construction
  • Five fitting sizes available
  • Standard tri-clamp connections
  • EPDM tri-clamp gaskets, Teflon® encapsulated O-ring
  • Perforated and wedgewire strainer inserts are interchangeable
  • Sanitary finish (32 Ra), except wedgewire
  • Five standard fitting sizes
  • Perforated element hole sizes range from 3/32" to 1/4"
  • Mesh sizes from 8 to 150
  • Filter tubes range from 25 to 1000 microns
  • Wedgewire element slot sizes range from 0.002" to 0.060"
  • Wire mesh overlays and filter tubes
  • Additional finishes and elastomers
  • Custom-designed fittings
  • Dual-strainer installation
  • Hot water jacket
  • Custom design fittings
Technical Information

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