Sani-Matic’s TS-5 Provides Complete, Efficient Cleaning for Long Tankers

Madison, Wisc. (October 6, 2011)  – Sani-Matic’s TS-5 Drop-In Spray provides maximum cleaning for tankers while saving time, money, and resources.

The FDA and the tanker industry recognize deficiencies with conventional methods of tanker cleaning. From OSHA standards inhibiting tanker inspection to difficulty cleaning tankers over 40 feet, standard static sprays and vertically mounted rotating sprays are not meeting this cleaning challenge.

“With tankers getting longer, haulers transporting multiple products, and cleaning safety becoming more critical, finding the proper spray device is essential,” explains Gabe Miller, Sani-Matic’s Sr. Technical Engineer. “The TS-5 offers a solution to effectively clean longer tanks while saving valuable resources.”

The TS-5 utilizes a rotary spray device mounted along the tanks horizontal axis. Its unique S-shaped manifold focuses the spray stream where it is most critical: the ends of the tank. By maximizing coverage, Sani-Matic’s TS-5 cleans tankers completely and more effectively while using lower spray rates than conventional methods. This enables tanks to be cleaned using less water and less chemical while reducing cleaning time to get tankers back on the road.

About Sani-Matic

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