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Data Acquisition and Management System

In response to growing customer requests for more secure and consistent reporting, Sani-Matic developed a data acquisition and management system called SaniTrend.

SaniTrend provides a means of storing, retrieving and printing recipe data for Clean-In-Place (CIP) Systems, as well as other types of cleaning systems serving the food & beverage industries that are controlled by a PLC.

The SaniTrend program communicates with the CIP control system and collects recipe data, including events, cycle and operator information, analog data, and alarms. It does not communicate any data back to the CIP control system, except verification that the data acquisition system is active during CIP.

The system also provides easy access to the CIP recipe data generated. The data collected is recorded as a PDF to be stored on a PC computer or laptop. The graphic printout can be set up to print automatically at the end of each CIP cycle, or store the data electronically for reprinting on demand later.

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Standard CIP Data Collected
  • Plant name/location
  • CIP unit ID # or name
  • CIP recipe # or name
  • Date and time recipe started
  • All CIP analog data channels are able to be recorded at one time (Analog set-points where they are active, return temperature, supply temperature, flow rate, pressure, conductivity)
  • Alarms
  • Recipe complete or aborted
  • Elapsed time
  • CIP recipe approval – operator signature
Optional CIP Data
(per application requirements)
  • Unique CIP batch file name
  • Truck name/number (for truck wash only)
  • Operator ID
  • Other analog graphic data (pressure, return flow, pH, etc.)
  • CIP recipe approved (yes/no) with ID
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