Food & Beverage: Central High Pressure Systems

Central high pressure cleaning systems

High-Pressure, Consistent Water Flow from a Central Location

Sani-Matic Central High Pressure (CHP) systems are designed to efficiently clean facilities and hard-to-disassemble process equipment by supplying consistent pressure and the appropriate amount of water flow from a central location to multiple drop stations operating throughout the facility. Every CHP system is sized to the flow requirements of each drop station, which are appropriately located throughout the plant based on application needs.

If your facility is unable to provide enough heated water to feed a centrally-located boosted pressure system, Sani-Matic can include a skid-mounted heated water holding tank to be sure your heated water is ready for distribution to drop stations throughout your facility.


Faster cleaning

Larger water droplets create more cleaning impact at the surface.

Food safety

Boosted pressure removes soil efficiently, while minimizing cross-contamination.

Improved foaming

Creates clinging foam to ensure adequate dwell time.

Ease of use

Ergonomic hose gun design enables manual operators to use longer, without stress.


Reduces total cleaning costs by saving water and chemical use, while also cutting labor time.

  • Automatic temperature and water level controls with alarm and shutdown
  • In-Tank steam heating - direct steam injection
  • Drop stations available in:
    ·Rinse Only
  • Chemical metering tips for chemical control
  • Stainless steel skid-mounted surge tank
  • Soft starter motor starter assembly
  • Additional pumps for any system
  • PLC controls with control interface
  • Natural gas or electric immersion heating
  • Shell and tube steam heat exchanger
  • Components including spray guns, foaming wands, hoses and hose racks
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