Food & Beverage: Boosted Pressure Systems


High-Impact Cleaning for Hard-to-Clean Areas

Automated sanitary process cleaning equipment provides a great number of benefits, but there are often areas such as walls, floors, platforms and difficult-to-disassemble equipment that simply cannot be cleaned with automated equipment such as CIP systems.

When you cannot CIP an area or the equipment cannot be easily disassembled for clean-out-of-place cleaning, Sani-Matic’s Boosted Pressure Systems are designed to provide the appropriate amount of pressure to chemical drop stations located throughout your plant for operators to perform thorough cleaning of hard-to-clean areas.

Although most of the Sani-Matic Boosted Pressure Systems require manual labor to clean, Sani-Matic also is able to install boosted pressure systems to feed fixed spray devices for an automated rinse, foam and sanitize process of complex equipment, conveyors, and dryers.

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