Bio-Pharm Hygienic Components: Directionally Drilled Spray Ball Assemblies


As Clean-In-Place (CIP) system experts for the bio-pharm industries, Sani-Matic has extensive experience designing spray solutions with proper flows, pressures and exact spray patterns to ensure validatable cleaning for your process vessels.

Sani-Matic’s directionally drilled spray ball assemblies meet ASME BPE standards including designs for complete spray coverage, full drainability, proper finish, borescope-inspected orbital welds, and alignment pins for exact, repeatable installation.

Designing for Your Process with Custom-Engineered Solutions

Sani-Matic creates 3-D models of your process vessels to engineer static spray devices with exact drill patterns for full spray coverage of all ports and surfaces to meet validation requirements.

ASME BPE design and testing standards for spray devices such as flow rate recommendations and riboflavin testing procedures are followed and Sani-Matic designers work to understand and identify all potential component process contact surfaces to ensure surface finish specifications are accurate.



Precise spray patterns

Directionally drilled spray assemblies ensure all ports and surfaces receive full spray coverage

Repeatable results

Spray assembly alignment pins ensure exact, repeatable installation

ASME BPE compliant

Spray assemblies meet ASME BPE standards

Available Features
  • 316L stainless steel construction
  • Hygienic wetted finish: 15 µin Ra
  • Hygienic non-wetted finish: 32 µin Ra
  • Alignment positioning pin
  • Orbital welds
  • CNC drilled
  • Elbowed assemblies
  • Electropolish (EP)
  • Passivation
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