Leadership: Tim Reuter

Tim Reuter Vice President of Operations

Vice President of Operations

Tim Reuter has 18 years’ experience serving the food and beverage and health industries in a variety of capacities – from mechanical design and engineering to sales and operations management. During the past five years with Sani-Matic, Tim has moved from technical sales to operations leadership, using his diverse background to provide invaluable insight into both.

As the vice president of operations, Tim uses a cross-functional approach to manufacturing, facility, supply chain, engineering and quality assurance management. He has driven and led Lean initiatives and bolstered quality assurance efforts. He thrives on understanding the business in its entirety and using that knowledge to help build a strong company “for a group of outstanding people who work hard to craft high-quality products.”

When Tim takes a break from building operational efficiencies, he spends his time outdoors—camping, fishing, hunting, golfing, gardening and cross-country skiing.

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