Leadership: Chad Dykstra

Chad Dykstra Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing

Director of Key Accounts, Food and Beverage

Chad Dykstra has learned Sani-Matic’s capabilities inside out over the past 24 years.  He began his career at Sani-Matic fresh out of school as an associate CAD designer, soon becoming a project engineer for food and beverage systems. In 2000, he realized his passion for the products he was designing created strong customer engagement, and he transitioned from engineering to sales where he continues to expand Sani-Matic’s presence in the food and beverage industries.

As the director of key accounts, food and beverage, Chad focuses his efforts and extensive knowledge on developing training programs for distributors, building national account relationships and growing the central region. Chad is “passionate about our high-quality products, and the incredible problem-solving capabilities of our service team.”

Although Chad is always thinking of ways to grow the business, when he is not at the office he enjoys hunting, fishing, playing sports with his son and daughter and spending time with his wife.

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