Portable COP/CIP

Portable Clean-In-Place & Clean-Out-of-Place

Ideal for Periodic Cleaning of Vessels, Tanks and Lines

Investing in sanitary process cleaning systems helps protect product integrity and produce safe products. But having the budget to accomplish these critical results can be a challenge.

Our dual function COP/CIP system acts as both a Clean-Out-of-Place (COP) Immersion Parts Washer, as well as a portable Clean-In-Place (CIP) system, at a lower capital investment than traditional CIP systems. It is ideal for processors seeking to periodically clean vessels, tanks and lines, in addition to disassembled process parts.

It is available with a single compartment for once-through use or dual compartment to recirculate the solution.

With the Sani-Matic dual function COP/CIP system, you can achieve Cleaning Confidence at a price point you can afford.




A lower capital investment than traditional CIP.


Dual function washer, both COP and CIP capabilities.

Small footprint

Smaller size ideal for plants with space constraints.

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