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Multi Purpose Cabinet Washers

Multi-Purpose Cabinet Washer. Cleaning Everything from Weigher System Scale Buckets to Totes, Trays and Elevator Buckets.

Most food and beverage manufacturers have a variety of process items that need to be cleaned several times a day to meet production demand or prevent allergen cross-contamination. If the items are being cleaned manually, that is a lot of time, water and labor dedicated to cleaning—and the results are inconsistent.

The Sani-Matic SaniCab is an automated, flexible cabinet washer designed to consistently clean a wide variety of product contact items including trays, pots, elevator buckets, weigh scale buckets, vibratory feed pans, totes, drums, filler pistons and more.

To provide a complete clean, and improve your productivity, the SaniCab is designed with a series of beneficial features:

  • Cycle times as low as 15 minutes
  • A 17-gallon, low-volume sump provides a high-flow rate for effective cleaning, while using less water and chemicals
  • Dual straining (tray strainer and Y-Strainer) to capture large and small particles and conveyorized strainers are also available for heavy soil loads
  • Optional dryer system improves turnaround times by up to 75%
  • Custom-designed Rack-on-Cart Systems optimize load and ensure a complete clean of all process items

SaniCab Rack-on-Cart Systems

The washer’s accompanying Rack-on-Cart System provides an easy, safe and sanitary way to transport items to and from the cabinet washer. The racks are 3-D modeled for your specific process items, ensuring a complete clean—every time.




Reduced cycle time and labor and improved turnaround times.

Reduced water and chemical use.


Increased uptime.

Accommodates a variety of the items you need cleaned.


No ramp or pit.

Minimized operator exposure to high temperatures and strong concentrations


Customizable PLC promotes repeatable and documented clean.

Reduces handling and minimizes cross contamination.

  • Stainless steel construction
  • SaniCab P335 (3’W x 3’D x 5’H)
  • Portable rack-on-cart system
  • Electric immersion or steam heating
  • Hydraulically driven top, side and bottom rotating spray bars
  • Spray bars contain easy-to-clean stainless steel nozzles
  • PLC controls/control interface
  • Automatic water level controls with alarm and shutdown
  • Automatic reservoir drain valve
  • Multiple pre-programmed wash cycles
  • Pre-piped centrifugal supply pump
  • Automatic shut-down if door is opened
  • Left or right door models
  • SaniCab P365 (3’W x 6’D x 5’H)
  • Conveyorized strainer
  • Insulated cabinet and door
  • Blow-off dryer system (steam or electric)
  • Shell and tube heat exchanger
  • Exhaust fan
  • Discharge strainer with wedgewire insert
  • Custom-designed racks, including active racks
  • Automatic detergent and/or sanitizer injection system
  • Motor shroud
  • Hose with gun for manual pre-rinse of heavily soiled items
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