Bio-Pharm: Rack-On-Cart

Designed to Your Specific Applications

Each bio-pharm industry manufacturing process is different, with different process items and different soils to remove. And because all process items must achieve a complete and documentable clean, Sani-Matic’s engineers look closely at the process items you need cleaned when designing a Rack-on-Cart System for the TactiWash cabinet washer.

Our engineers 3-D model your process items to design racks that optimize load capacity and accommodate your specific health industry manufacturing process items.

So, even if you have process items with small openings such as graduated cylinders or beakers, our engineers will design an active rack that directs solution inside the items to ensure full wash coverage.

You may find that one TactiWash washer and multiple TactiWash racks and transfer carts may be the solution for most of your cleaning needs, and your budget.


  • Easy Transport. The rack is locked on a heavy-duty cart, making it easy and safe to transport items from the production area to the washer.
  • Active Rack Spray Systems. Solution is directed into an active rack to provide targeted and thorough spray coverage to hard-to-clean process items.
  • Designed to Your Process. Our engineers custom design racks to accommodate a variety of pharmaceutical manufacturing process items and to optimize load capacity. All process parts are 3-D modeled to ensure correct alignment.


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