Bio-Pharm: PharmiCab™


High-Throughput Capacity GMP Washer Cleans Entire Suite in One Load

Sani-Matic helps bio-pharm industry manufacturers meet strict process cleaning standards to provide a documentable clean, every time.

The Sani-Matic PharmiCab cabinet washer is an automated, floor- or pit-mounted cabinet washer engineered to thoroughly clean and dry an entire suite in one load including tableting process items, trays, pans, buckets, totes, filter housings, drums, hoses, fittings, utensils and more.

The PharmiCab design meets cGMP and complies with the 2016 ASME-BPE cabinet washer standards.

Rotating spray bars ensure an even distribution of solution for complete cleaning coverage of all process items and the wash chamber’s interior. It uses PLC automated controls to generate repeatable, documentable results.

The fully automated stainless steel cabinet washer delivers repeatable and documentable cleaning and drying results with a series of important features:

  • Non-threaded, 1/4 turn removable nozzles for easy cleaning
  • Proof of rotation sensors
  • Self-cleaning capabilities
  • A CIP supply and recirculation assembly
  • A complete dryer system

PharmiCab Rack Systems

Sani-Matic custom designs rack systems to accommodate either the floor- or pit-mounted design. The rack systems are designed by 3-D modeling process parts to ensure proper placement of parts on the rack for a documentable clean. An active coupler connects to the rack to distribute solution through a targeted spray system, ensuring a complete clean of hard-to-clean process parts.




Designed to meet validation requirements. Provides comprehensive process controls.

Precise moisture control

Drying system designed for precise moisture control.

Custom-designed racks

3-D modeled custom racks with active spray system for maximum coverage.


Pneumatically inflatable door gaskets are watertight and prevent operator exposure to high temperatures and chemical concentrations.

Savings & sustainability

Reduces labor and utility costs, as well as minimizes water and chemical use.

Standard Features
  • 316L stainless steel, 25 Ra wetted construction
  • Custom-designed racks with active sprays
  • Non-threaded, 1/4 turn removable spray nozzles
  • Integral CIP supply and recirculation assembly supplies solution to cabinet
  • Dryer system with HEPA filter
  • Proof of rotation sensors
  • Self-cleaning
  • Pneumatically inflatable door gasket
  • Rotating exterior spray system
  • Allen-Bradley PLC automated controls
  • Pre-programmed wash cycles
  • Chemical feed system
Optional Features
  • Data report printer
  • 20 Ra wetted finish
  • Electropolishing
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