Bio-Pharm: IBC Wash


A Flexible Automated GMP Cabinet Washer for a Safe and Consistent Clean

Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) are commonly used in solid dosage pharmaceutical manufacturing as storage, transport and blending vessels. And like all other process items, IBCs must be cleaned.

Sani-Matic understands the importance of integrating a successful critical cleaning program into your pharmaceutical manufacturing process and designed the IBC Wash to consistently and safely wash IBCs, totes, tablet bins and other vessels containing hazardous and non-hazardous compounds.

The Sani-Matic IBC Wash meets cGMP and complies with the 2016 ASME-BPE cabinet washer standards.

The fully automated stainless steel cabinet washer delivers repeatable and documentable cleaning and drying results with a series of important and unique features:

  • Vertically descending spray arm cleans IBCs of varying heights
  • Sensors ensure IBC lids have been removed and the IBC is properly positioned
  • Non-threaded, 1/4 turn removable nozzles
  • Proof of rotation sensors
  • Self-cleaning capabilities
  • A CIP supply and recirculation assembly
  • Pneumatically inflatable door gaskets
  • A complete dryer system to prevent bacterial growth

The Sani-Matic IBC Wash provides flexibility, accommodates a variety of IBC sizes, protects operators and ensures a complete clean, every time. Let’s talk about how the IBC Wash can help your process.



Designed to meet validation requirements. Provides comprehensive process controls.

Complete clean

Our exclusive spray devices provide complete cleaning of the IBC's interior, exterior and the chamber.

Precise moisture control

Drying system designed for precise moisture control.


Our exclusive vertically descending spray device adjusts to accommodate varied IBC heights.


Pneumatically inflatable door gaskets are watertight and prevent release of hazardous materials.


Reduces time, labor and utility costs through automation.

Standard Features
  • 316L stainless steel, 25 Ra wetted construction
  • Non-threaded, 1/4 turn removable spray nozzles
  • External CIP system is included to supply solution to washer
  • Proof of rotation sensors
  • External dryer system
  • Pit-mounted or floor-mounted design
  • Self-cleaning chamber
  • Pneumatically inflatable door gaskets
  • Sanitary manifold assemblies
  • Vertically controlled interior spray arm
  • Rotating exterior spray
  • IBC outlet valve sprays
  • Allen-Bradley PLC CompactLogix with PanelView Plus HMI
  • Pre-programmed wash cycles
Optional Features
  • 20 Ra, Electropolish finish
  • Containment valve opener
  • Printer
  • Two door pass-through design
  • Wall interface panels
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